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City of Memphis Job Openings 10/12-10/21

 CITY OF MEMPHIS                                    OCTOBER 12, 2011-OCTOBER 21, 2011


 For a complete listing of job openings please visit web site at  www.memphistn.gov     

POSITIONMECHANIC HELPER(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $36,240.10 – $42,385.98 – Bi-weekly:

                       $1,393.85 – $1,630.23;   General Services/Fleet Management      J.O. #11-126

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the supervision of an assigned supervisor in the Fleet Management Service Center.  Responsible for preventive maintenance inspections, repairs and lubrications on City owned vehicles.  Changes oil filters; lubricates wear points; replaces minor components; checks fluid levels; inspects various components and systems for safety, premature wear and other deficiencies; maintains vehicle related reports; performs tire repairs; changes tires.

POSITIONMAIL DISTRIBUTION/BINDERY CLERK(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $22,993.36 –

                       $35,193.60; Bi-weekly: $884.36 – $1,353.60;  General Services-Printing/Mail  J.O. #11-123


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the general supervision of the Printing and Mail Services Manager. Delivers and retrieves interdepartmental and U.S. mail, including office supplies, printing jobs, payroll documents, etc., between City Hall and various City divisions and agencies on established route according to delivery schedule. Drives City van or car, in a safe manner, to destinations and lifts and carries packages and bundles of mail weighing up to 50 pounds.  Loads and sorts mail by route/destination number. Pre-sorts outgoing U.S. mail into batches by zip code according to postal standards. Operates personal computer to maintain records of printing jobs delivered. Operates postage machine and envelope stuffer. Operates Auxiliary printing equipment, including various color and black copiers, binder, punch system, folder machine, cutter, stapler, drill, laminator, perforator, and platemaker, when needed. Assembles print jobs by hand. Ensures maintenance of assigned vehicle is conducted as scheduled.

POSITIONGROUNDS MAINTENANCE FOREMAN(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $27,199.33 –

                        $42,203.20; Bi-weekly: $1,046.13 – $1,623.20;     Parks/Lichterman Nature Center

                        J.O. #11-125


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Works under the direct supervision of the Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor.  Supervises and coordinates activities of all staff, volunteers, prisoners, and other workers responsible for grounds maintenance duties such as trash and debris removal, privet and kudzu removal, pond monitoring, recycling activities, and maintenance of meadow, lawn, trails, and parking lot areas.  Instructs assigned crew on work procedures and use of equipment to ensure work is performed properly in a safe environment; operates and maintains vehicles and equipment such as a front end loader tractor with bush hog including adding fluids and fuel as needed; reports work progress and requests supplies and equipment as needed; and prepares reports for on-the-job injuries and property damage.  Assists and leads workers in performing maintenance duties as needed.

POSITIONCIRCULATION MANAGER(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $44,796.54 – $71,864.00;

                       Bi-weekly: $1,722.94 – $2,764.00; Public Services & Neighborhoods/Library   J.O. #11-020-R1


ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the direction of the Public Services Central Manager to manage the daily operations of the Circulation Department of the Central Library, including interlibrary loans, and serves as the resource for all circulation-related activities. Assists in developing departmental goals and strategic plans. Provides direct supervision to departmental staff, including work direction, evaluating performance, scheduling shifts, administering discipline, and hiring staff. Interprets and communicates circulation and inter-library loan policy and procedure to staff, all library agencies, and library customers. Works with Staff Development and Circulation Services Users Group (CSUG) to provide circulation and inter-library loan training for new library employees. Facilitates meetings and continuing education activities of the system-wide committee, CSUG. Gathers and compiles data, including administrative documentation, annual reports, statistical reports, budget reports, etc. Initiates and participates in inter-agency and system-wide efforts serving as leader, facilitator or committee member. Participates in professional organizations and serves on various committees.


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City of Memphis Job Openings 9/14-9/23


NOTICE OF JOB OPENINGS                 

 CITY OF MEMPHIS                                SEPTEMBER 14, 2011-SEPTEMBER 23, 2011


 For a complete listing of job openings please visit web site at www.memphistn.gov                                                                                                                                               



WITHIN SIX (6) MONTHS FROM DATE OF EMPLOYMENT.   PROOF OF RESIDENCE WILL BE_REQUIRED AT THE   TIME OF HIRE._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


               POSITION:DURATIONAL CONCRETE FINISHER (1 Opening)   Annual Salary: $57,197.14;

                       Bi-weekly: $2,199.89;    General Services/Property Maintenance      J.O. # 11-108

POSITION:  FLEET SERVICES MANAGER(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $56,442.07 – $91,728.00; Bi-weekly: $2,170.85 –

                       $3,528.00         General Services/Fleet Management            J.O. #11-109

POSITIONFINANCE MANAGER/FLEET  –  (1 Opening)  Annual Salary: $44,796.54 – $71,864.00;

                       Bi-weekly: $1,722.94 – $2,764.00;   General Services/Fleet Management   J.O. #11-110

POSITION: PROCUREMENT & INVENTORY MANAGER/FLEET – (1 Opening) Annual Salary: $44,796.54 –

                     $71,864.00; Bi-weekly: $1,722.94 – $2,764.00; General Services/Fleet Management  J.O. #11-111

POSITIONWATCHMAN(1 Opening)  Annual Salary: $22,318.40 – $30,497.48; Bi-weekly: $858.40 –

                        $1,172.98;    General Services/Operation City Hall     J.O. #11-112

POSITIONCATALOGING MANAGER(1 Opening) Annual Salary: $36,186.41 – $57,283.20;

                       Bi-weekly: $1,391.79 – $2,203.20;   PS&N/Library   J.O. #11-014-R1       (POSITION TO BE FILLED BY APPOINTMENT)

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