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Job Opening @ Urban Youth Initiative


Position Title:  Youth Engagement Specialist – Part-time (20 hours weekly)

Supervised By:  Urban Youth Initiative Executive Director and JustCare Family Network Project Director

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for developing youth-driven programs and activities for youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance diagnosis or who have a family member with mental illness to facilitate their participation in the system of care and to foster leadership abilities in youth. Coordinate with local agencies and organizations to develop appropriate opportunities for enrolled youth and their siblings and establish support mechanisms that enhance their ability to participate.

 Duties Include:

  • Establish relationships with local agencies and organizations that serve youth.
  • Engage youth with SED and their siblings to encourage and facilitate their involvement in the development of an effective system of care.
  • Establish a Youth Council(s) as a part of the system of care structure and provide the appropriate training for leadership development
  • Serve in the JustCare Family Network (JCFN) governing body and appropriate Workgroups
  • Coordinate the development of a plan for involvement of youth.
  • Provide peer support to youth served in the system of care.
  • Help identify Youth Council members to serve on the JCFN Governance structure and appropriate Workgroups
  • Steering Committee or sub-committees and existing community youth councils.
  • Help Youth Council members to identify outreach opportunities in the community to promote system of care and to erase the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Encourage Youth Council members to think out of the box in order to educate community via the social marketing plan and youth activities\projects.

Qualifications:      High school diploma or equivalent; some college preferred.  Experience with and preference for working with youth with SED.

Skills and Knowledge Required:

Must possess the ability and desire to learn new skills that include cultural competency, and principles of system of care. Must have some leadership experience with youth and knowledge of youth specific issues (development stages, suicidality, peer pressure, etc).



Personal Qualities:

Ability to work well with others, good communication and organizational skills, and value cultural differences. Ability to engage youth and coordinate activities.

Urban Youth Initiative Inc. is a grant partner with JustCare Family Network, A System of Care forShelbyCounty


1548 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, Tennessee 38104

(901) 729-3988 phone

(901) 869-0726 fax


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