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City of Memphis Youth Ambassador Program – Apply Now


The City of Memphis’ Youth Ambassador Program for Memphis high school students, is seeking around 250 new students entering the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades to apply for their year round enrichment program.


Applications accepted February 13th-March 16th.  Students are to complete the online application at the City of Memphis’s Career Opportunities Page. Eligible students will be interviewed in April, and they will begin the program in June.  *This is not a summer jobs program.  It is year round.*

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.



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City of Memphis Youth Ambassadors Program Taking Applications

Reminder: Deadline to apply is April 30, 2010.  You must apply online.

Preparing the Youth of Memphis
for a Prosperous Tomorrow

  • Education
  • Health
  • Civic & Social Responsibility
  • Employability

June 2010

Apply online:
April 15th-30th

City of Memphis Youth Ambassadors Program is a year round enrichment program; targeting 560 youth in grades 10, 11 and 12; housed in 14 sites covering 7 City Council Districts. The program will be launched in several phases. The initial launch of 7 sites will begin June 2010 with a second phase of 7 to begin in January 2011. Each site will be supported by a community cluster. Each cluster will include: (Faith-based institutions, businesses, schools, neighborhood organizations, non-profits, government agencies, parents, and volunteers.)

Applicants must use a valid email address.

  • Applicants must use a valid social security number.
  • Applicants can complete the registration process without valid email or SSN, but their applications will be invalidated and kicked out of the lottery process if the email and SSN are not valid.
  • After entering their name, email, password and social security number, applicants will be prompted to answer a number of other questions to establish their eligibility for this program.
  • After completing the online registration, applicants will be prompted to “save” their registration.  Once they do that, their registration is complete and has been submitted.  There is NO additional online application – they have completed it with the registration process.
  • Application deadline is MIDNIGHT TOMORROW, April 30.
  • Youth Explosion and Lottery Announcement
    May 15th

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