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Memphis Youth Career Development Program

Memphis Youth Career Development Program

Program Overview

The Memphis Youth Career Development Program (MYCDP) is a partnership with the Greater Memphis Chamber and Cummins Inc. The program will provide a work learning experience to youth by acquainting them with career opportunities as identified in the MemphisED Fast Forward Initiative. The program will develop employable, manageable, prepared individuals to succeed in the emerging workforce.

Program Description

The Memphis Youth Career Development Program (MYCDP) is an eight week interactive summer employment program that addresses the complexities and the requirements to succeed in the world of employment. The program will educate youth with a comprehensive experience designed to enlighten them to the expectations and needs of the workforce. Youth will also acquire knowledge of emerging technology and workforce indicators of the future. Interactive activities offered through the program will afford youth the opportunity to place theoretical information into practical application. MYCDP is a multidimensional workforce curriculum that offers a diverse group of staff serving as mentors, workshop leaders, and business advisors.


Participant Training Sessions

  • Exploring the World of Employment
  • Empowerment through Financial Management
  • Essentials to Effective Communication
  • Developing Skills to Resolve Conflict and Create Solutions
  • Managing Time to Increase Productivity
  • Health, Wellness and Fitness Life Styles
  • Becoming the Best You
  • Creating Your Future

Program Goals

  • To create opportunities for Memphis/Shelby County youth to empower them to become successfully employed
  • To educate our youth to have clear understanding of the expectations to build
  • character and strong work ethics
  • To provide training that is inclusive of workforce essentials that explore all aspects of employability, education and personal development skills
  • To encourage youth to reach their highest goals through mentorship and supportive services provided by the career-to-work programs

Download the 2012 Program Brochure.

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For More Information

The program is helmed by Delories Williams, Director of Workforce Development. For more information about the Memphis Youth Career Development Program, please contact Beverly Davis at 901-543-3500.




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